Privacy Notice
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Here at SSAS Reviews, we are committed to maintaining your trust and confidence. In particular, we want you to know that we are not in the business of selling, renting or trading your details with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes.

We hope that you’ll be able to take the time to read through this notice and please feel free to contact us at anytime for further information, using the details shown at the end.


SSAS Reviews Limited (“SSAS Reviews”) is a private limited company, registered in England under the company number 08873103, that is wholly owned and controlled by a sole Director, Philip John Holbrook.

The registered office and trading address are at The White Horse Business Centre, Suite 7, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 0EL.

SSAS Reviews acts in the following capacities in relation to the administration of Small Self Administered Schemes (“SSAS”), as:

  • The appointed pension Scheme Administrator (in accordance with s.270 Finance Act 2004)

  • The appointed pension Scheme Practitioner, handling the day to day administration duties for and on behalf of the appointed Scheme Administrator

  • A Professional (Corporate) Trustee

  • An adviser, to other Professional Trustees and Scheme Administrators, with an up to date and working knowledge of pensions and pension tax legislation


Personal Information

As part of our service we must request from you, hold and share with others, some personal information. We will only do this to facilitate the services you have engaged us for, or to fulfil a legal or regulatory obligation.

This will be:

  • Contact information (full name, residential address, telephone number/s, email)

  • Identity information (date of birth, national insurance number and unique tax reference numbers)

  • Financial information (your tax code and lifetime allowance usage)

  • Product information (details of your holdings within the SSAS that we are acting for and details of other Pensions you may have)

  • Dependent & Beneficiary information (from your most current Expression of Wish declaration)

We request and acquire this information from you, in the following ways:

  • Over the telephone

  • Via our application forms

  • Via investment application forms (e.g. bank or other investment companies)

We hold this information securely and in electronic form at our address. Electronic files are kept locally on password, firewall and anti-virus protected devices owned by SSAS Reviews.

As our services are in relation to SSAS (which are UK Registered Occupational Pension Schemes) and in accordance with the guidance published by The Pensions Regulator, we have a legal obligation to hold this information for a minimum of 6 years following the end of the scheme year that it relates. Please be aware that unless the SSAS produces audited accounts, its scheme year will run inline with the tax year (i.e. years ending 5th April).

We only share (provide and receive) your information with the following:

  • Regulatory and Law Enforcement bodies (e.g. H M Revenue & Customs, the Information Commissioner’s Office, The Pensions Regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Serious Fraud Office, the Police etc)

  • The Trustees and Scheme Administrator of your particular SSAS

  • Investment Providers (e.g. a Bank) that you have provided your express authority for us to share your information with

  • An Adviser (e.g. a Solicitor, Accountant, Independent Financial Adviser etc) or Agent (e.g. your Secretary or Personal Assistant) that you have provided your express authority for us to share your information with

And we share this information securely via email, fax and Royal Mail’s postal service.


Your rights

You have certain rights under the Data Protection regulations, including the right to access a copy of the information we hold. Further information about your rights can be found by visiting the following link to the Information Commissioner’s Office’s website



In the unlikely event that you feel the need to raise any concerns about the way in which we are handling your personal information, then please raise these concerns with us and we will endeavour to resolve them.

Further information about raising data protection concerns can be found by visiting the following link to the Information Commissioner’s Office’s website


Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to the personal data we hold, this notice or data protection within the SSAS industry, then please contact us using the following details:

Email:  Phone: 01606 837695

Post: SSAS Reviews Limited, The White Horse Business Centre, Suite 7, Middlewich, CW10 9AS


Notice Version

This notice was created in February 2019 and is due to be reviewed on or before February 2020.