Technical Support

Administering SSAS’ and staying up to speed is tricky and time consuming, with even the most experience teams of Administrators needing support from time to time.

Over half of our work at SSAS Reviews is derived from providing Technical Support to firms of Accountants, IFAs and other small to medium sized SSAS Providers.

​We offer a range of services from:

​Full Technical Support

We’ll act as your SSAS Technician, on hand any working day, to support your SSAS Administrators and Managers.

White Labeling

If you don’t have a team of SSAS Administrators and have no desire to create one, then we can help by providing the background administration for you.

Ad-hoc Support

The whole idea of SSAS Reviews was to offer administrative help to anyone involved with a Small Self Administer Scheme.

Whether you’re someone that truly self-administers their own SSAS, a Member / Trustee / Sponsoring Employer / Adviser for a SSAS administered by another firm, or a SSAS provider yourself, our services are available to you.

We hold a wealth of knowledge, experience and up to date template documents, so please get in touch if you need a little help.